Analog. is a quarterly publication of film photography that serves as a source of inspiration for artists and creators alike. Each issue will open with an essay that will guide the selection of images that follow.

This second volume of Analog. will discuss the documentarian aspect of photography. Since photography is the most common and widespread form of documenting moments, it is vital for the photographer to understand the importance, both personal and beyond, of their image. The reality is that we, as a global community have never been in better position to share moments that are important to us. As wonderful as that ability is, it comes with a huge responsibility. What do the moments we capture say about us, and what will they say long after we are gone? Whether purely documentarian or solely artistic, the images we create are moments that will outlast ourselves. These moments that we cherish are a vital aspect of our legacy.

Analog. Volume 2

Product Details:

50 page 8x10 Softcover 

45 Photographs

Interior: White Uncoated, 70# (105 GSM)


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