Eagle Rock Loop

March 15-17, 2018


I think I benefited from my relative degree of naiveté when stepping foot onto the Eagle Rock Loop. Located in Northwest Arkansas, the Eagle Rock Loop is a 28.2 mile trail coveted by backpackers throughout the country and has a unique way of testing your abilities when you least expect it. With my friend, Jeremy, we set foot on the trail, unknowing, but eager for what awaited us. Each day brought new challenges that differed completely from the previous day. From numerous river crossings to switchback-less mountain summits, the trail tested my mental fortitude nearly as much as my physical strength. 

Much like each day brought new challenges, every day finished on a different note. The first evening closed with plenty of daylight to set up camp and build a fire. Jeremy and I talked beside the defusing fire until our weary eyes called us to bed. The next evening we found ourselves ripping down the trail, racing the sun and trying to arrive at camp before it was too dark. On the final day, we found ourselves lost. We were miles off course with a mountain between us and the trail. With no other option, we had to climb it. And so we did, with a healthy dose of apprehension. There were definitely a few moments in which I thought to myself, “I’m pretty sure this is how people die.” But that is an entirely different story. All that matters is that I have the photographs to prove it and I made memories that I will never forget. Undoubtedly the stories will become more exaggerated and intense as the years go on, so I guess if you prefer the complete truth ask me now, before embellishment sets in. But for now, here is the truth, captured on 35mm film. 

Enjoy this visual recap of one of my favorite outdoor memories.


Camera: Canon EOS 3
Film: 35mm Fujifilm C200

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3